Tiny tips: Use cheat sheets

This is one of the “Tiny tips” series.
The purpose is to share little pieces of helpful practices and tricks that will make your work better and more pleasant.

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Upgrade your working environment by surrounding yourself with easily accessible helpers.
Print out some useful (for you) content that can be used as a quick reference.
Of course, you can store all of those cheat sheets in electronic format somewhere on your hard drive (or URL bookmarks).
However, I would advise you to have some on paper.
That way you will not search for the file and disturb your inertion.
The physical version has a psychological aspect as well. You know that a piece of particular knowledge is exactly somewhere in the space around you and you can have a look at it for a second. So you are going to make references to those “extensions of your brain” in an absolutely natural and even semi-unconscious way.

Let me share with you some example resources:

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