Sheet music creation with JavaScript

I did this as part of my Master's Degree thesis. It is a pretty old and clumsy implementation (I admit it) and I should revise and re-write it with some modern JS framework, following the good practices and principles, etc. Nevertheless, my idea was to create a unified platform for every musician, where he/she can … Continue reading Sheet music creation with JavaScript

Working and music

This is one of the "tips" series.The purpose is to share little pieces of helpful practices and tricks that will make your work better and more pleasant.Take a look at some other tyny tips like: Automate your environment and Use cheat sheets. Do you prefer listening to music while working? If so - what kind of music? … Continue reading Working and music

Software product as a musical instrument

Let me introduce you Bob and Chris. Bob is a musician. Chris is a software developer. Bob plays different instruments. But today he decides to play a rock song, so he chooses a guitar.Meanwhile Chris, who is a great full stack developer, is thinking of creating a public web site to promote his services as … Continue reading Software product as a musical instrument