Software product as a musical instrument

Let me introduce you Bob and Chris. Bob is a musician. Chris is a software developer. Bob plays different instruments. But today he decides to play a rock song, so he chooses a guitar.Meanwhile Chris, who is a great full stack developer, is thinking of creating a public web site to promote his services as … Continue reading Software product as a musical instrument

Software development entropy

The chaos The law of entropy is driving the whole universe. The term means that all things strive to chaos and disorder. The molecules of everything are constantly trying to scatter in space. Only an applied external force is keeping all parts arranged and in some kind of order.So remember the chaos is everywhere around … Continue reading Software development entropy

Software Architectures (in a few words)

Discovering the domain architecture through DDD "Purpose of Domain Driven Design - Mitigate the burden of writing software under tough conditions." Start from the business! First of all, when starting implementation of the Domain Driven Design methodology, we should have a good domain knowledge  of the product we are going to build. The classes and … Continue reading Software Architectures (in a few words)