Recursive SQL queries

Recursion Recursion is the technique in which a function calls itself from within its own body.You can find out more about what is recursion and see some examples in various programming languages, a good resource is this one. Common Table Expression It is possible to achieve a recursion within a SQL query.This is possible with … Continue reading Recursive SQL queries

Quickly check a connection to DB Server (Windows)

One way of a quick connection test to a certain Database server can be done by creating a udl file (Microsoft Universal Data Link File). Create a new file with extension .udl (e.g. TestConnection.udl)Open the newly created file: 3. Fill in the data - Choose Provider - Fill the connection settings and click "Test Connection"

Connect to inactive node on clustered environment through SSMS (SQL Server)

If you are using Azure SQL Server and you have already configured a clustered environment to implement a high-availability architecture in Azure SQL database you will have one active node.The rest will be accessible only in read-only mode.When you connect to some of the inactive nodes through SQL Server Management Studio and try to open … Continue reading Connect to inactive node on clustered environment through SSMS (SQL Server)