Parsing text from PDF using c#

While working on a project, I came across a requirement to extract some information from a PDF document. The tricky part was that only particular pieces were needed and not the whole text. Technology-wise I was using .NET as a platform and C# as a programming language. I was thinking of a way to accomplish … Continue reading Parsing text from PDF using c#

Software development entropy

The chaos The law of entropy is driving the whole universe. The term means that all things strive to chaos and disorder. The molecules of everything are constantly trying to scatter in space. Only an applied external force is keeping all parts arranged and in some kind of order.So remember the chaos is everywhere around … Continue reading Software development entropy

Visual Studio settings to ease your development experience

I wrote this piece long time ago for my colleagues who just started to develop on .NET and they were pretty green on using Visual Studio as an IDE for development. 1. Useful configurations All the settings of Visual Studio can be found under the Options menuTools -> Options 1.1. Show the line numbers -> … Continue reading Visual Studio settings to ease your development experience

Create sequence diagrams with PlantUML Recently I came across PlantUML as a tool for building UML diagrams. It can be considered as a standard of making UML, because the output is auto-generated and thus unified. The idea is to describe the content of your diagrams using a simple language and then PlantUML will create the visual representation for you.You … Continue reading Create sequence diagrams with PlantUML